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It seems that we’ve reached that stage in our lives where all our friends have children.  There are newborns and there are 4 year olds.  There’s talk of nappies and nannies and when baby #2 or #3 might come along.

Luckily, Andy and I love kids so this is all fine by us!  When we first moved back to Sydney we stayed with friends on the North Shore.  Our friends have a 16 month old daughter, Emma, and she and Andy bonded.  After we’d moved into our new apartment, Andy looked around the quiet rooms one day and said, “I miss Emma!”

More More Cha

So, more and more we look for places that are kid friendly.  This means we can meet up with our friends who are parents, they don’t have to pay for a babysitter and we get to hang out with the kids as well.  And, on a recent sunny Saturday afternoon, More More Cha fit the bill perfectly.

More More Cha has a great outdoor seating area with plenty of room for kids!

More More Cha (1 Dixon Street, Sydney) serves Malaysian food and is famous for the Flying Roti Man.  Very reasonable prices, an outdoor space big enough for a pram and the super friendly staff made for a lunch that everyone, including Emma, enjoyed!

Roti Man!

Emma (and her jar top) was captivated by Roti Man

The staff brought out a highchair and a colourful plastic spoon for Emma, and the Roti Man came out not long after to entertain us while we were waiting for our food.

Roti canai with three yummy dipping sauces

We started with plates of the famous roti canai… flaky and crispy roti with curry, dahl and anchovy dipping sauces.  All the dipping sauces were great, but we were pleasantly surprised by the anchovy sauce which was not too fishy and had a great spice.

Nasi lemak

We shared three mains and they came out quickly following the rotis.  First up was nasi lemak.  The rice could have had more flavour, but the chicken curry served with it was excellent.  The chicken was so soft, we separated it into four servings with our spoons!  The peanuts, anchovies and pickled vegetables that accompanied the dish were all great, but there could have been more of them.

Ayam bakar... so soft and smoky!

Next up was the ayam bakar, or grilled chicken for people like me who aren’t super familiar with Malaysian food.  This chicken was excellent.  The skin had a great charred flavour and the meat was moist.  We barely used the dipping sauce provided because the chicken alone was lovely.

Beef rendang... full of flavours and whole spices

Finally, out came the beef rendang.  I could smell all the spices before they even set the dish down.  Star anise, cloves, cardamom… I know those were in the rendang because our friend, who got the first scoop, got a mouthful of the whole spices.  He literally bit down on a whole star anise.  Not pleasant at all.  Once all those tooth-chipping whole spices were removed, the rendang was excellent.  The beef was incredibly tender and there was just the right amount of heat.  We ordered another roti just to soak up all the great gravy that came with the rendang.

Emma was not a fan of the beef rendang!

Emma had been nibbling away at pieces of roti during the meal and she accidentally grabbed a piece that had a bit of the redang sauce on it.  It was way too spicy for little Emma and she made her discomfort known!  Luckily, the rest of us were far happier with our meal!


26 responses to “More More Cha

  1. That Ayam bakar and that roti looks sooo good! Poor wee Emma – she is such a little cutie!

    • Anna- Isn’t Emma gorgeous?? Felt so bad that she got a bite of the rendang. Otherwise it was a great meal!

  2. The roti man is pretty impressive!

  3. I wonder if little Emma had been put off rendang for the rest of her life. Poor thing. Everything looks delicious! Must try sometime.

  4. I find myself surrounded by people with kids too! I don’t mind and as you say, it’s a challenge (but a nice one) finding places for them to eat at when you adore the kids and parents 😀

  5. this place looks perfect for my little family, thanks for sharing :) p.s. we have had those spicy food child tears moments…..

    • Muppy- I figure if Andy and I ever have a baby we’ll have a long list of places to eat! I hope sweet Emma isn’t put off spicy food for life!

  6. It’s great that there are places that couples with young children can go to and be welcomed. I would love to see ‘roti-man’ in action. And poor Emma with that spicy rendang – lucky her water bottle was close by! xx

    • Charlie- And the best part is that our friends are such wonderful, confident and laid-back parents that it’s great fun to go out with them and their baby! We had a blast!

  7. As you maybe remember we are also surrounded with a lot ( I might almost say all of them) friends & familiy with kids, but I must say I do prefer a nice dinner without them (the kids) so we can enjoy the food better and have a nice talk with our friends… Love reading your blog; feels like you’re not as far away as you are!

    • Ilona- We must be the last “child-less” couples! I like having lunch with the kiddies… but dinner is different!

  8. And that makes you pretty much the best friends ever for parents, I reckon!

    I do like anchovies. I do.

    • Hannah- It’s a win / win. We are happy to see the kiddies and the parents are happy to be out! Also, anchovies rock the Casbah!

  9. Dear SarahKate,

    There seems to be such a proliferation of Malaysian restaurants in Sydney recently. I have hardly tried any of the new ones though I have heard a fair bit about them.

    • Chopinand- It does seem like you can’t swing a cat in Syd without hitting a Malaysian place! I really love roti, so this was great!

  10. Luckily no teeth were lost (from the star anise). That roti man looks awesome

  11. Hello to that ayam bakar. It really does look mouth watering. And awwwww poor Emma! :(

    • Tina- The ayam bakar was SO good. Smoky and super moist. Hopefully we didn’t scar Emma for life… she may grow up hating Malaysian food now! :(

  12. This place looks a lot of fun for big and little kids! Food looks great as well. Even though my kid is an adult now, I too have friends with little ones. Child friendly places are such a gem.

    • Sara- It was a really fun meal… and the staff were so sweet with Emma. Super child-friendly. I’d go back for the food, but the lovely staff were a real draw as well!

  13. Oh Emma…whoopsie! Hopefully Roti Man did his roti dance and took your mind off the pain.

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