Chihuahuas, enchiladas and moustaches

So, I may have jumped the gun a bit on our Cinco de Mayo festivities this year and hosted a Cinco de Mayo themed Mi Casa-Su Casa dinner in late April.  I just couldn’t wait!

The first time we lived in Sydney (from 2005-2009) we hosted a big Cinco de Mayo fiesta for our friends every year.  In a city that was, at the time, painfully devoid of any decent Mexican food it was a challenge to put together delicious Mexican food for a big crowd.

Caramelised onion and spinach quesadillas for our guests as they arrive

Caramelised onion and spinach quesadillas for our guests as they arrive

Now, Sydney is awash in Mexican food.  Not all of it is GOOD Mexican food.  In fact, most of it is still pretty crappy.  But the sudden increase in interest in Mexican food means that I can now easily find great Mexican ingredients to cook with at home.  Lately, when anyone asks me where to get good Mexican food in Sydney my first response has been “At my house.”

So, when planning our latest Mi Casa-Su Casa dinner, a Mexican-themed fiesta in honour of the upcoming Cinco de Mayo holiday, I was able to go bananas with some serious Mexican ingredients for our guests.  Planning this menu was a BLAST.  My friend Katie and I brought a few Mexican cookbooks down to the beach for the afternoon and began dreaming up a menu of deliciousness… not too shabby, right?

Roasted tomato and chipotle soup with homemade queso fresco

Roasted tomato and chipotle soup with homemade queso fresco

The menu for the evening was:

Nibbles and drink on arrival: Caramelised onion and spinach quesadillas with Salty Chihuahuas (tequila with grapefruit and lime juice and a salted rim… but I forgot to salt the rims so our guests just had Chihuahuas!)

Starter: Roasted tomato and chipotle soup with homemade queso fresco

Main course: Grilled chicken enchiladas in a yellow mole sauce (black bean enchiladas for our vegetarian guests) with pico de gallo, a grilled corn salad and cumin crema.

Dessert: Chocolate and chili cakes with cinnamon whipped cream

A table full of Mexican food for our fiesta!

A table full of Mexican food for our fiesta!

Such a great group of guests!

Such a great group of guests!

There’s something about Mexican food that makes any dinner feel like a celebration.  Maybe it’s all the bright flavours, the limes and the jalapenos.  Maybe it’s the fact that fresh Mexican food is so colourful and gorgeous to look at, the bowls of chunky salsas gleaming like jewels, only more delicious.  When it’s done properly, and not covered in dense layers of greasy cheese, Mexican food is perfect party food.

Full bellies and mariachi moustaches... perfect way to finish our fiesta!

Full bellies and mariachi moustaches… perfect way to finish our fiesta!

And we had a pretty perfect party for our last Mi Casa-Su Casa dinner!  An incredibly fun and funny tableful of guests who talked and laughed through three courses.  To top off the good food and great guests, we had one crafty diner who made mariachi moustaches for everyone so we’d properly look the part.  If there’s anything I love more than Mexican food, it’s a bit of dress-up to go with my dinner.  It was a brilliant evening!

We’re hosting another Mi Casa-Su Casa dinner this weekend, and then we’re going to take a bit of a break for the month of June so we can prep for our little Bun in the Oven!  We’ll be back in July with a proper American-style 4th of July party (complete with a guest chef all the way from Gainesville, GA, USA!) to be held at 7pm on 5 July.  We’ve got 6 seats available for that dinner, so if you’re interested jump in quickly!

5 responses to “Chihuahuas, enchiladas and moustaches

  1. I LOVED this dinner – it was so tasty and so much hilarious fun was had by all.

  2. wow the food looks great! loving the mo!

  3. What a wonderful dinner, thanks so much SarahKate and Andy! Everything was muchos deliciouso! x

  4. Love this menu! Great work bringing some proper Mexican to Sydney! Miss Sweet gets big props for the ‘staches!

  5. You guys outdid yourselves again. Brilliant spread!

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